Attorney Profile

Attorney Bell is a graduate of the University of San Diego Law School, and is a Member of the California State Bar.

Attorney Bell began his legal career in civil litigation as a law clerk for two of San Diego’s largest law firms while he was in law school. Two of the attorneys for whom Attorney Bell clerked later became judges in San Diego county.

Attorney Bell therefore has strong legal research and writing skills and has a solid knowledge of civil litigation.

This includes drafting complaints, answers, and all other relevant civil pleadings. Attorney Bell has adjudicated more than 100 civil depositions.

Attorney Bell also worked at the San Diego Attorney’s office as a “Post Graduate Law Clerk in the Juvenile Division and in the Gang Prosecution Unit for approximately one year.

As a new lawyer, Attorney Bell was appointed by the federal judges of the Southern District of California to the “Criminal Justice Act” (CJA) Panel to represent indigent defendants charged with Federal Crimes in the San Diego federal courts. During this time, Attorney Bell regularly attended the annual CJA seminars and other important CJA training seminars.

Attorney bell represented many defendants in both felony and misdemeanor cases. Moreover, Attorney Bell was also appointed to the San Diego County Misdemeanor Panel to represent indigent defendants.

Attorney bell has adjudicated more than 2,500 DUI and general misdemeanor cases. He gives each and every client personal attention to his case, spends a lot of time and pays close attention to all detail including discovery issues.

Attorney Bell has adjudicated more than 2,000 traffic cases. He has tried more than 150 traffic trials, and has won many “not guilty” verdicts in a substantial percentage of those cases.  

He has argued more than 70 motions to suppress in DUI cases. Jury trial and appellate experience.

Attorney Bell recently had a judge dismiss all DUI charges against his client after a jury trial won an under 21 DUI case at trial.

Attorney bell is qualified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as both a “Student” and as an “Instructor” to assess and administrator the “field sobriety tests.”

He also regularly attends DUI seminars at the national and stat level to stay study Current in all DUI issues in DUI defense in order to better serve his clients.